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Graphic Design Courses

Adobe Photoshop Beginners

Adobe Photoshop Beginners will assist to make Photoshop understandable and useable. You won't find a technical explanation of every option for every tool in every situation, but rather a concise explanation of those parts of Photoshop you're most likely to need.

Adobe Photoshop Advanced

In this course you'll learn how to manage and process photos using Camera Raw 4, create compositions using Photoshop's Smart Objects and non-destructive Smart Filters, and learn dozens of tips, tricks and time-saving workarounds to help improve your creative workflow.

Adobe InDesign Beginners

The Adobe InDesign Beginners course will show you step-by-step how to take advantage of the program's next-generation features - from creating Document preset, thread text between Text Frames to printing documents and export documents to PDF.

Adobe InDesign Advanced

In the Adobe InDesign Advanced course you'll learn everything from Master Pages to Object Styles, have a look at advanced features such as XML and Datamerge, plus discover numerous time saving InDesign workflow shortcuts along the way.

Adobe Illustrator Beginners

The Adobe Illustrator Beginners course will teach you how to use the newest Illustrator tools, provide tips on color control and path editing, ways to organize graphics, and how to get your work into print or on the Web.

Adobe Illustrator Advanced

The Adobe Illustrator Advanced course will teach you all the secrets that illustrators use every day to create vector artwork faster and more accurately. You'll discover techniques to help you master things such as patterns, clipping paths, and 3D objects.

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